A Peace of Purple Haze

A Peace of Purple Haze

Let's Get Started!


(3 ft.) 1mm Tota Round Leather Cord
(8) 12mm Amethyst Round Beads or a bead of your choice
(2) TierraCast Bead 4mm Faceted Cube CA
(1) TierraCast Drop SM Peace BO


STEP 1: Fold the leather cord so it's doubled.
STEP 2: Put a knot 1 inch from the end so you have a loop.
STEP 3: String a bead, 12mm Round Amethyst, on 1 piece of leather. Leave a slight amount of room so the bead can move a little.
STEP 4: Knot both pieces of leather together.
STEP 5: String a bead, and make another knot.
STEP 6: String a TierraCast Faceted Cube onto the leather.
STEP 7: Repeat Step 5 four more times.
STEP 8: String your other TierraCast Faceted Cube onto the leather.
STEP 9: String your TierraCast Peace Drop onto the leather and knot.
STEP 10: String your last 10mm Amethyst Round and knot your leather leaving room (1.75") between knots. If you need it larger or smaller, leave more room between knots. - Donezo!

Design by Susan DeCicco (JBC Beads)

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