Amazonite & Leather Knotted Necklace


Amazonite & Leather Knotted Necklace



3 feet - 1.5mm Leather Cord (Red Brown)

3 feet - 2mm Suede Lace or more leather cord


One strand (13 beads) - 10mm Amazonite Matte (Frosted) A Grade Round Gemstone Beads

Rings / Links

2 - textured or hammered Pewter rings between 15mm - 20mm


Super glue or jewelry adhesive of your choice


STEP 1: Attaching the first ring - Cut 3 feet of the 1.5mm red brown leather cord. Double your 3 foot strand of cord by folding the cord in half. Attach one of the pewter rings to your now "doubled" cord by performing a Lark's Head Knot (thread the loop end of your cord through the ring, then thread the two open ends through the loop & pull until the leather cord taught knot is secure.)

STEP 2: Stringing & Knotting the beads - String one big hole amazonite gemstone bead (or big hole bead of your choice) through one of the strands of leather cord. Slide the bead ~0.25 inches away from the Lark's Head Knot and perform an overhand knot with both strands of cord ~0.25 inches away from the bead. String a bead on the opposite strand of leather cord ~0.25 inches away from the previous knot. Perform another overhand knot, using both strands of leather cord, ~0.25 inches away from the bead. Repeat the procedure until you have one bead remaining.

STEP 3: Attaching the second ring - Attach the second pewter ring by performing an overhand knot with both strands of leather cord. Pull the remaining cord taught to secure the knot. Snip the remaining cord with sharp scissors or wire cutters, as close to the knot as possible. For added security, add a very small dab of gel super glue (or jewelry adhesive of your choice) onto the knot. Allow to air dry completely until moving on to step 4.

STEP 4: Attaching the suede lace & creating the loop closure - Cut two 1.5 foot pieces of suede lace or equivalent. Pick up one piece of the cut suede lace and fold in half. Perform a Lark's Head Knot onto one of the pewter rings. Perform an overhand knot with both strands of the now attached suede lace approximately 3 inches away from the end not attached to the ring. Perform a final over hand knot on the attached strand, allowing a one inch gap between the knot you just tied. This will be the loop end of the closure.

STEP 5: Attaching the suede lace & creating the bead end of the closure - Using the second piece of the suede lace or equivalent, perform a Lark's Head Knot to attach the second pewter ring. Perform an overhand knot using both ends of the suede lace cord approximately 3 inches away from the end not attached to the ring. String your last bead onto one of the two suede lace strands. Perform an overhand knot that secures the bead tightly between the two knots you have created. To ensure the bead is secure, add a small dab of glue onto each knot surrounding the bead. Do not place the glue onto the bead itself.

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