DIY Swarovski Crystal Bar Necklace


DIY Swarovski Crystal Bar Necklace

Crystal bar necklaces are one of the many new jewelry trends this Spring. We've put our own spin on this popular design using Swarovski Crystal cubes with colors inspired by the new Pantone color, Limpet Shell.

You can create your own crystal bar necklace in a just a few simple steps, with everything you need from!


Swarovski Crystal Beads:

2 - 8mm Swarovski Crystal (5601) Cube Beads in Pacific Opal

2 - 8mm Swarovski Crystal (5601) Cube Beads in Light Azore


18 inches - 2mm Sterling Silver Flat Oval Chain

1 - Sterling Silver 2 inch Chain Extender

Wrapping Wire:

6 inches - 24 or 22 Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Artistic Wire OR, 24 or 22 Gauge Sterling Silver Wire - Dead Soft


1 - Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp with Ring - 9mm x 4mm


Round nose pliers

Chain nose pliers or flat nose pliers


STEP 1 - With one end of the six inch piece of wire, create a coiled loop. To do this, take your chain nose pliers and make a 90 degree bend approximately one inch away from the end of the wire. Next, hold the wire with your round nose pliers right above the 90 degree bend. With your free hand, bend the wire up and over the round nose pliers. Slide one end of chain into the loop you created, then adjust the position of your pliers in order to wrap the wire all the way around the end of your round nose pliers. Do so in a way that allows the loop to stay in line with the remaining length of wire. With your chain nose pliers, gently clamp down onto the loop you just created. Pick up your round nose pliers with your other hand, use an additional pair of pliers to wrap the small length (the wire that is NOT inline with the loop) of wire in a coil beneath the loop. The coil should be tightly wrapped so that the end of the wire is not able to scratch the skin of the individual wearing the necklace.
STEP 2 - Slide one Swarovski Crystal Pacific Opal 8mm cube bead onto the wire, followed by one Swarovski Crystal Light Azore 8mm cube bead. Repeat.
STEP 3 - Create another coiled loop with the remaining length of wire so that the cube beads fit snugly between the two coiled ends of wire. DO NOT forget to slip the other end of the 18 inch chain into the loop!
STEP 4 - Snip the length of chain in half so that there are 9 inches of chain on both sides of the crystal bar you just created.
STEP 5 - Attach the Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp w/ Ring to one end of the chain. Remember never to pull jump rings apart! Always twist the rings gently when opening and closing them.
STEP 6 - Attach the Sterling Silver 2 inch Chain Extender w/ ring to the other length of chain.

Your new Swarovski Crystal Bar Necklace is ready to wear! Show off your new creation on instagram with the tag #jbcbeads, or mention @jbcbeads on your Pinterest post.