Donut Necklace

Donut Necklace

Let's Get Started!


- 6 feet of 1.5mm Leather Cord
- (1) 35mm Walnut Jasper Donut or another with contrast
- (1) 45mm Flower Jade Donut or a color of your choice
- 2 inches of Antique Brass Chain
- (2) Antique Brass Headpins
- 3" Antique Brass Wire
- Assorted Stones, Pearls, & Spacers
- 1 Larger Big Hole Bead for the Clasp


Step 1. Cut the Leather Cord into 2 even pieces.
Step 2. Slide one of the Leather Cords through both Donuts and the Brass Chain so one piece of the chain hangs longer.
Step 3. Do the same thing with the other piece of leather as in step 2.
Step 4. On the shorter section of chain, attach 1 charm. (this chain has open rings)
Step 5. On the longer section of chain, attach 2 charms.
Step 6. Knot each cord at 3" and 6.25."
Step 7. On right cord, thread the Big Hole Bead onto one cord and knot the pieces of them together.
Step 8. Charm: On left cord, measure 2" and knot.
Step 9. Put onto a headpin - 10mm Bead Cap, 8mm Red Aventurine, Daisy Spacer, 5000 6mm Turmaline - from bottom to top. Make loop and attach to shorter piece of chain.

1st Charm on longer chain: 6mm Leoparskin Jasper Round, Daisy Spacer, Green Garnet Rectangle 6x8mm, Daisy Spacer
2nd Charm: Use Brass Wire to make small coil on bottom to hold beads. (4mm Sunstone Rondell, Green Aventurine Chips, Ivory-White 5mm Freshwater Potato Pearls)

And you're finished, ENJOY!!

DESIGN BY Susan DeCicco (JBC Beads)

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