Leaf Blue Goldstone Necklace

Leaf Blue Goldstone Necklace

Let's Get Started!


- (6) feet: 1.5mm Metallic Bronze Round Leather Cord
- (18.5) inches: Antique Copper Leaf Twisted Chain
- (11) beads: 8x12mm Blue Goldstone Big Hole Tube Beads
- (2) 6mm Antique Copper Open Jump Rings
- (1) 3mm Copper over Brass End Cap, JBC3618C
- (1) 3mm Copper over Brass End Cap with Hook, JBC3619C


Step 1. Cut 3 lengths of leaf chain in 5 inch, 6 inch, and 7 inch lengths.
Step 2. Slide on 1 jump ring on one side of the 7" chain, one side of the 6" chain, and one side of the 5" chain (so when they are on the necklace, they are graduated).
Step 3. Close jump ring.
Step 4. With the other jump ring, repeat step 2.
Step 5. Cut the 1.5mm leather into two 3 foot lengths.
Step 6. Thread the leather thru the jump ring and knot the 2 cords together.
Step 7. String 1 8x12mm big hole tube onto both pieces of leather.
Step 8. Knot both strands of leather together.
Step 9. Repeat step 7 and 8 four more times.
Step 10: Cut leather to desired length.
Step 11: For the other side, repeat steps 6 through 9 to get both sides even and the same knots lay your necklace sideways. Compare so the knots are the right distance.
Step 12: On one side, feed both leather ends thru hook end eye. Using your needle nose pliers, crimp the middle section of the end cap with hook.
Step 13: Do the same to the crimp end cap.

And you're finished, ENJOY!!

DESIGN BY Susan DeCicco (JBC Beads)

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