Swarovski Crystal | Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace

Let's Get Started!


- (6) beads: #5301/5328 4mm Swarovski Crystal in Peridot
- (59) beads: 6x9mm freshwater pearl in soft green
- (53) beads: #6301 6mm Swarovski Crystal Top Drilled Peridot
- (1) 15mm Toggle, 11 mm lobster claw clasp or clasp of your choice
- (2) Crimp Beads 2x2mm
- (49) strand Beadalon .015


- 2 inches of chain (some kinds would be JBC 66141, 110 SB, 260 SB, 2SL-2SF 260 BSF) with links big enough for the lobster claw clasp to hook into, 2 or 3 beads to make a charm for the last link of the chain
- (1) 1 ½ inch Head Pin
- 2-3 beads for the charm (they can be crystals, pearls or metal beads)


Step 1. Crimp one part of your clasp to your wire.
Step 2. String 3 #5301/5328 4mm bicones on to the wire.
Step 3. String 4 soft green pearls.
Step 4. String 3 #6301 6mm Top Drilled Peridot Satin.
Step 5. Continue until you have 11 sets of 3 of the Top drilled Peridot beads on your string and 10 sets of 5 of your top drilled Soft green Freshwater Pearls.
Step 6. String 4 soft green pearls.
Step 7. String 3 #5301/5328 4mm bicones.
Step 8. Crimp the other part of your clasp to your wire.
Step 9. If you use a lobster claw clasp you can use some extender chain (about 2 inches) to make your necklace longer. Your chain should have links larger enough for a lobster clasp to hook into. Instead of using a jump ring string and crimp your wire onto the first link of chain. If you would like, you can hang a charm of crystal and pearls off the last link of chain.

And you're finished, ENJOY!!

DESIGN BY Susan DeCicco (JBC Beads)

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