Swarovski Cube Collage Necklace

Swarovski Cube Collage Necklace

Let's Get Started!


- (27) beads: #5601 4mm Swarovski Crystal cube in Topaz
- (9) beads: #5601 4mm Swarovski Crystal cube in Palace Green Opal
- (2) JBC4081 5 Hole Spacer
- (5) 2" or 2.5" Headpins
- (1) 11mm Lobster Claw Clasp
- 18" Chain (Chain must be small enough to fit thru the Links you make for your Pendant.
- 1 foot of 24 gauge wire OR 1 6mm Jump Ring Open and 1 6mm Split Ring


- Use leather cord instead of chain. For this, you can tie the ends.


Step 1. Take 1 Headpin and put it through the 1st hole of the 5 Hole Spacer Bar.
Step 2. 1st Row: Put 7 beads of #5601 4mm Topaz Cubes.
Step 3. Put 2nd Spacer Bar on the top of the Topaz Cube.
Step 4. Make a loop large enough with the Headpin so the chain can move freely through it.
Step 5. 2nd Row: Put the Headpin through the hole, but put 3 Topaz Cubes, 2 Palace Green Opal Cubes, and then 2 Topaz Cubes.
Step 6. Repeat as in Step 4.
Step 7. 3rd Row: 2 Topaz Cubes, 4 Palace Green Opal Cubes, and 1 Topaz Cube
Step 8. 4th Row: 3 Topaz Cubes, 2 Palace Green Opal Cubes, and 2 Topaz Cubes
Step 9. 5th Row: 7 Topaz Cubes - You are finished with your pendant!
Step 10. Cut the chain to a desired length.
Step 11: Attach your lobster claw. Either use about 6" to wire wrap (as shown) or with a Jump Ring.
Step 12: Feed the chain through all 5 loops that are on the Pendant.
Step 13: Use remaining 6" to make a small loop and attach to the chain. Put remaining #5601 4mm Palace Green Opal Cubes on the wire and wire wrap a big enough loop for the Lobster Clasp to go into. If you would like, you may also add an extended piece of chain before you wrap the cube into place.

And you're finished, ENJOY!!

DESIGN BY Susan DeCicco (JBC Beads)

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