TierraCast | Spiral Pendulum Earrings

TierraCast Spiral Pendulum

Let's Get Started!


(2) Antique Brass Earwire
(2) 3.5" Brass Chain
(2) 5mm Round Jump Ring
(2) Large Spiral Pinch Bail
(2) 25mm Donut Pendant


Step 1: CHAIN: Cut a 3.5" piece of brass chain and link the ends together with a 5mm round jump ring.

Step 2: DANGLE: Place the loop of chain into a Large Spiral Pinch Bail, then pinch the bail closed onto a 25mm donut pendant.

Step 3: FINISH: Attach an earwire to the jump ring. Repeat process for second earring.

DESIGN BY Denise Varville (for TierraCast)

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