Unakite Leather Wrap Bracelet

Unakite Double Wrap Bracelet


Leather Cord

1.5mm Leather Cord (Red Brown)


6mm Unakite (Natural) A Grade Round Gemstone Beads

Needle & Thread

Beadalon Collapsible Needles (Medium or Light weight)
Nylon beading thread of your choice (brown or transparent)


One TierraCast Antique Copper Tree of Life Button

Clamp or Loom

For this tutorial, we will be using a clipboard. Beading looms are also a great option!


Super glue or jewelry adhesive of your choice


STEP 1: Attaching the button - Cut 4.5 feet of the 1.5mm red brown leather cord. Feed the button through one end of the leather cord and center it so that one yard of leather cord is on both sides of the button. Using both strands of leather, make one overhand knot at the base of the button to secure its place.
STEP 2: Attaching the thread - Clamp the button onto a clipboard, then cut your thread of choice to 16 feet in length. Tie one end of the thread to the left hand side of leather cord, as close to the button as possible.
STEP 3: Beginning the "figure 8" stitch - Thread your needle and string one bead through. Pull the thread underneath the two strands of leather cord. Slide the bead down the thread and push it up between the two strands of leather cord. Pass through the bead by going up and over the right side of leather cord, and pulling the cord taut.
STEP 4: Continuing the stitch & Tying off - Repeat the "figure 8 stitch" until there are 3 1/2 to 4 inches in length remaining of the leather cord. For added strength, make a second "figure 8 stitch" on the very last bead so that it is "double stitched". Detach your needle from the thread and tie off your thread by making a double knot. Take your favorite super glue or jewelry adhesive and add a small amount (the size of a pencil tip) onto the knot. Cut the excess thread once glue has dried.
STEP 5: Making the Adjustable Closures - Make one overhand knot using both strands of the leather directly over, or right above, the knotted thread. Make another overhand knot approximately one inch away from the first knot.Make a final overhand knot one inch away from the second knot and cut the excess leather, leaving no less than 1/2 inch of each leather strand. This gives the bracelet two loops of which the button may pass through. Single and triple closures are also great options; it all depends on your personal preference!

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