Antique Brass Artistic Wire

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Antique Brass Artistic Wire


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JBC Beads offers a wide array of round Artistic Wire for all your jewelry and craft projects. Artistic Wire is a permanently colored copper wire available in a wide range of colors and gauges. It has an exclusive enamel coating which is engineered to resist tarnish, chipping and peeling. These wires can be used for wire wrapping, covering a component, coiling and twisting, creating handmade findings, and more.

*The lower the number assigned to a wire, the larger its diameter; the higher the number, the smaller its diameter*

Please note: 22, and 26 gauge wire look like the darker image, and 18 and 24 gauge wire look like the lighter image

-Material: Artistic Wire
-Color: Antique Brass

-Gauge & Length:
18 gauge - 10 yards
22 gauge - 15 yards
26 gauge - 30 yards

Use our beautiful beads and findings to create jewelry for any occasion!

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