Beadalon® Bead Stringing Wire - 49 Strands - .036

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Beadalon® Bead Stringing Wire - 49 Strands - .036"


$27.50 per pkg
100 feet

49 Strands
Nylon Coated Stainless Steel
0.036" (0.91 mm)
100 ft (31 m)

"Beadalon wire is miniature, multistrand stainless steel cable that is nylon coated and made specifically for bead stringing. There are three varieties: Good Flexibility (7 Strand), Better Flexibility (19 Strand), and Best Flexibility (49 Strand). The 49 Strand wire delivers the best flexibility and ulta-softness. Use this wire for making the finest quality beaded designs requiring maximum drape and suppleness." - Beadalon

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