Bone (Natural) Small Carved Bird - American Indian Fetish Beads

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Bone (Natural) Small Carved Bird - American Indian Fetish Beads


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Bone beads are some of the oldest materials to be used for carving. Combine with gemstone, wood or base metal pewter beads for a bohemian design.

Fetishes were originally carved by Native American tribes to ceremonially capture the spirit of the animal they represent. They were tied with offerings of shells, stones, or feathers, and were "fed" with corn pollen or other foods as an offering to the spirit of the fetish. The unique character of each American Indian stone carving is due to the variety of the stone or shell, and each is piece is carved by hand. Fetishes are made of many forms and or materials

-Material: Bone
-Shape: Carved Bird
-Size: 6mm x 21mm (sizes are approximate)

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