Cobalt Blue & Burgundy Enamel

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Cobalt Blue & Burgundy Enamel "Long Life" Coin Shaped Beads EN-23


$9.50 per pkg
14 pcs/pkg

Enamel is a silicone-like substance that is baked on metal, glass or ceramic beads to apply decorative color, glossy finishes, or protective coating. Our interesting and unique enamel beads to add something special to everything you create.

*All of our enamel beads are vintage!

-Material: Metal and Enamel
-Enamel Color: Cobalt Blue & Burgundy
-Metal Color: Silver
-Shape: Coin

-Size: 14mm x 14mm x 5mm (1.5mm hole)

Use our beautiful beads to create jewelry for any occasion!

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