Crystal Silver Shade Swarovski Twist Sew-On Component 3221

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Crystal Silver Shade Swarovski Twist Sew-On Component 3221


$3.40-$6.90 per pkg
1 pcs/pkg

The geometry of parallel facets in opposing directions on front and back,gives this twisted coin a curved chessboard appearance. Large holes accommodate sturdy stitching and heavy cord and can be used as sew-on components, links, centerpieces, bracelet and earring components.

Swarovski crystal beads add a touch of sparkle or color to your designs and work well with both contemporary and classic styles. They are a great addition to any beading, crafting or jewelry-making project.

-Material: Swarovski Crystal
-Color Name: Crystal Silver Shade
-Color Style: AB
-Swarovski #: 3221
-Shape: Twist Sew-On Component

Size: 18mm & 28mm

Use our beautiful, Swarovski Crystal beads to create amazing jewelry for everyone around you!

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1 - 5 $3.40 /pkg
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12+ $2.72 /pkg
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