Preciosa Crystal AB Pear Beads (Teardrops)

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Preciosa Crystal AB Pear Beads (Teardrops)


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6 pcs/pkg

Give your designs a unique and elegant look with the Preciosa Crystal faceted pear bead. These beads have a hole that runs from top to bottom making this the perfect bead for pendants of any kind. The gorgeous faceting will catch the light and glitter wonderfully.

For five centuries, Preciosa has been blending ancient tradition with innovative new technologies to create crystals of unparalleled quality. Founded in the Crystal Valley of Bohemia, the local sand is uniquely rich in silicon-oxide, making it ideal for glassmaking, and these synthetic gems are almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts.

-Material: Preciosa Czech Crystal
-Color Name: Clear
-Color Style: AB
-Shape: Pear (Faceted Tear Drop)

-Size: 9mm x 6mm (0.9mm hole)

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