Pacific Opal 5301/5328 Swarovski Elements Crystal Bicone Bead

Mix & Match Discount

Pacific Opal 5301/5328 Swarovski Elements Crystal Bicone Bead


$1.10 per pkg
12 pcs/pkg

3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm

The Swarovski crystal bicone bead is the most famous size and shape for today's designer. These bicone beads are the perfect way to accent a piece, or make it stand out. Since 2009, the 5301 Swarovski crystal bicone beads were replaced by the 5328 Swarovski crystal bicone beads. Swarovski added a XILION upgrade giving the new bicone bead a greater variety of facets, more brilliance, and even more fire. The 5328 Swarovski crystal bicone bead also has a rounder belt line which allows for more comfortable wearing. JBC Beads carries these exquisite Swarovski crystal bicone beads in the effects of Regular, Aurora Borealis, 2X - Double Coating of Aurora Borealis, Satin, and Special Effect colors.

Same Shape   Same Size

Mix and Match Discount applies to the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS grouping. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Colors of the same shape and size can be Mixed to reach the next discount level.

Quantity Discount For This Product

1 - 23 $1.48 /pkg
24 - 119 $1.25 /pkg
120 - 239 $1.15 /pkg
240+ $1.10 /pkg
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