Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal Cube Beads 5601

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Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal Cube Beads 5601


$5.75 - $10.60 per pkg
2 - 6 pcs/pkg

Aquamarine is a crisp light blue color.

The Swarovski 5601 cube bead is precision-cut to create facets that sparkle like no other crystal bead. Swarovski crystal cube beads add the perfect geometric flare to any piece of jewelry. Swarovski crystal beads are unmatched in quality and sparkle, and are ideal for designers because of their consistency in color, shape, and faceting.

-Material: Swarovski Crystal
-Color Name: Aquamarine (March birthstone)
-Color Style: Regular
-Swarovski #: 5601
-Shape: Cube

4mm (0.8mm hole)
8mm (1.2mm hole)

Use our beautiful, Swarovski Crystal beads to create amazing jewelry for everyone around you!

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