Vintage Jade/Nephrite Worry Stones

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Vintage Jade/Nephrite Worry Stones


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Purchase a vintage nephrite/jade worry stone from JBC Beads!

Worry stones (also called palm stones or thumb stones) are smooth, polished gemstones, used for relaxation or anxiety relief. To use, hold the stone between your index or middle finger and thumb. Gently move your thumb back and forth across the stone. Notice how soothing it feels.

Worry stones are a discreet way to manage anxiety in public. Keep a stone in your pocket and rub it if you find yourself becoming tense. If you have test anxiety, rub the stone during an exam. Rubbing on a worry stone certainly relieves stress. When combined with prayer, meditation and intention, this can have multiple benefits.

Size: Approximately 35mm x 50mm or 1.5 x 2 inches
Material: Jade/Nephrite

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