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Amazonite (Natural) A Grade Round Gemstone Beads


$6.00 - $12.00 per unit
17 - 98 pcs/Unit

4mm (.8mm hole),6mm (.9mm hole), 8mm (1mm hole)
10mm(1.2mm hole),12mm(1.2mm hole)

Available in full and half strands.

Beautiful blue semiprecious round beads that are rich in color and perfect for creating stretch bracelets, beaded chain, and much more.Amazonite is named after the Amazon area in Brazil where it was originally discovered.

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$100.00 or less $8.00 /unit 98 pcs/unit
$100.00+ 10% off $7.20 /unit 98 pcs/unit
$200.00+ 15% off $6.80 /unit 98 pcs/unit
$300.00+ 20% off $6.40 /unit 98 pcs/unit
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